Constricted VR: The Laboratory

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Project Description

Constricted VR: The Laboratory

Do you have what it takes to escape? Constricted VR is a fully immersive Escape-The-Room style game exclusively for the HTC Vive. Beginning in a central hub, you can select from two different escape rooms with varying themes and puzzles. The Laboratory is the first room designed for Constricted VR. You wake up to find yourself locked in an eerie basement with a timer ticking down and nothing but a flashlight to help you escape. Will you escape, or will you be stuck in this dark room forever?


  • Developed using Unity 5 for Virtual Reality Headsets
  • Constricted VR features two full-fledged escape rooms. The Hallway and The Laboratory
  • Various and wild puzzles that will stump you.
  • Hidden underlying stories for players who read every piece of evidence in the room
  • A truly interactive, and fully-immersive experience at a fraction of the cost of conventional escape rooms.
  • Buy now for $0.99 on Steam

More Information

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