Constricted VR: The Hallway

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Project Description

Constricted VR: The Hallway

Do you have what it takes to escape? Constricted VR is a fully immersive Escape-The-Room style game exclusively for the HTC Vive. Beginning in a central hub, you can select from two different escape rooms with varying themes and puzzles. The Hallway is the second escape room in the Constricted VR series. Beginning in a mysterious room with nothing but a single door to go through, you must figure out how to escape the dreaded hallway. You may even discover some secrets while exploring this room.


  • Developed using Unity 5 for Virtual Reality Headsets
  • Constricted VR features two full-fledged escape rooms. The Hallway and The Laboratory
  • Various and wild puzzles that will stump you.
  • Hidden underlying stories for players who read every piece of evidence in the room
  • A truly interactive, and fully-immersive experience at a fraction of the cost of conventional escape rooms.
  • Buy now for $0.99 on Steam

More Information

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