Who Am I?

Born and raised in Oxford, Connecticut, I moved to Fort Myers, Florida at seventeen years old to pursue video game development in college. Since then I have worked with multi-million dollar businesses across the country, published my first Virtual Reality game to Steam, and pursued learning in a wide range of areas of knowledge. Under my brand of PNX Designs, I have continued to provide quality results to clients all over the United States.

PNX represents “Profero Nostri” which translates to “To carry out the dream of ours”. Since I was a child, my best friends (who are still closest to me to this day) and I had always had the dream of going into game development. I was the only one to follow through with that dream, so the concept of Profero Nostri is a very important mantra to me. It represents so much to me including the utmost respect I have for the video game and website development industries, as well as the passion I have to develop and design.

I like to consider myself a modern-day renaissance man: I’m constantly yearning to learn new concepts and study new topics to not only improve myself, but to gather new skills that can be applied to a wide range of situations. This ability alone helps me learn new and abstract concepts in an extremely short period of time. I am an incredibly determined, hard-working, and analytical individual who strides for perfection and punctuality, while also introducing original ideas and creativity into the mix. This continuous hunger for new knowledge and personal growth is one of my greatest traits, and lays the framework to my way of life. Some of my current studies include Unreal Editor development, traditional sculpting, and Japanese language.

  • HTML / CSS Website Coding and Professional Business Website Design

  • C++ & C# Programming and Video Game Design

  • Business I.T Management and Installation

  • Unreal Editor & Unity for Game Development and Design

  • WordPress & Joomla

  • Passion for Game Development & Website Design

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